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In April, the Banff Mountain Film Festival is held here in Humboldt County to celebrate some of the best mountain films in the world, followed by the HUMBOLDt International Film Festival in Arcata. The holiday season is following suit, with films from around the country and a special screening at the Eureka Valley Film Center.

The annual Eureka Crab Festival is held for guests who open the crab season in January in the Humboldt district. Fish lovers will enjoy a weekend of fun and food, as well as a special fireworks display for guests. The classic Independence Day fireworks display will take place on July 4 from 6 p.m. to midnight at the Arcata Civic Center. In August, visitors and residents of Eureska can enjoy the Humberoldt County Exhibition from 5 to 9 p.m. with various activities for children and adults.

Join us at the annual Humberoldt County Expo from 5 to 9 p.m. at the Arcata Civic Center and on Saturday, July 3, so our staff can inform you about unique events in the area.

The annual event is held at the Arcata Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary, which has been voted # 1 bird sanctuary in California. Known as the world's original art triathlon, the competition takes place every year on Memorial Day weekend, and graduates and their families can enjoy the Kinetic Grand Championship soon after.

Here in Humboldt, summer begins with the oyster festival in June, where local food and good music are played on stage. Depending on the arrangement of the event, the park can accommodate between a few hundred and a few thousand people. There's something exciting going on here in Humboldst County, California, and that's the Municipal Auditorium. Whatever the season, Carter House Inns is a great place to spend a night of music, food, entertainment and fun.

Please call 707-441-4203 to see if you can see them in person in the Humboldt University auditorium or for more information about the event. Please let us know that everyone is allowed to use the playground, with a 30-minute visit when others are waiting.

If you have already moved your account, cut off your old credit card with this video and post it to YouTube or Facebook. If you are personally able to invest, you can do so at Blackrock, which is responsible for fossil fuels (see our article last week). Fossil Fuels is a subsidiary of Liberty Metals & Mining Holdings, which is financing a new coal mine following a devastating fire in Australia. Even if they change course to promote sustainability, they will continue to invest in the Keystone pipeline until April 1, 2020, and in deforestation and fossil fuels until March 31, 2019.

Just before the 2015 Paris climate agreement, big banks invested $1.9 trillion in fossil fuels. Wells Fargo is responsible for developing the Keystone XL pipeline, which threatens the water supply to the Sioux and other tribes. Citibank has lent $129 billion to fossil fuel developers since the Paris agreement, including for the pipeline. Bank of America Corp., the world's leading credit card lender, has lent $196 billion to fossil-fuel projects since the Paris climate accord, making it the second-largest bank in the United States behind JPMorgan Chase.

Much of this increase has been caused by banks and corporations that serve ordinary Americans, such as banks, insurance companies, and investment banks.

Insurance companies, credit cards and Bank of America are involved in the Keystone XL pipeline and its ability to do so. Canadian oil sands and the $106 billion in loans to fossil-fuel companies. Another fossil fuel project is being developed, the Keystone XL pipeline, to bring "Canadian tar sands oil" to the US.

I encourage you to first contact a group that will send you letters that you can bring to the meeting. The Sierra Club will send a starter package of letters to 10 addresses simultaneously. Vote Forward begins with a letter to all registered voters in California and other states.

While parking toilets will remain closed at several stands, single-room toilets will remain open during the game time. The parking toilets, like the toilets at the entrance, remain closed, except for people who want to play in the immediate vicinity.

To slow the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible and mitigate the impact on the delivery of essential health services, state and local health officials prohibit public gatherings of people outside the home, as permitted by California's Health Law (CPHC) and state health officials "orders.

The city of Eureka recognizes the benefits of nature in this challenging time and would like to assure the community that all city parks will remain open for outdoor activities such as picnics, singles, tennis and other outdoor events. Please follow these simple steps to keep your outdoor playgrounds safe, open and fun. Remember, if you're in an outdoor household, wear a mask if you can't keep yourself within 6 feet of each other.

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