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The Chamber Players of the Redwoods are returning with a new music program that fits the seasons. For the 25th time, the festival presents locally produced chamber music concerts to an audience on the north coast, featuring a variety of local and national artists, as well as a special guest speaker from the Santa Cruz Symphony Orchestra.

The colours of the organ will be presented by three organists from the region, who will present their music in different styles, from traditional to modern, classical to jazz and even classical. The Kegg organ will be played by John Moorehead, organist of the Santa Cruz Symphony Orchestra, with a special guest speaker from the San Francisco Symphony.

A welcome newcomer to the concert series will be a string trio with musicians from the Santa Cruz Symphony Orchestra and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Musicians include Stefan Gogol, a member of the orchestra, as well as a violinist and pianist and a drummer.

Last but not least, the resident trombone quartet, consisting of musicians from the Eureka Symphony Orchestra and Doug LaForge, a member of the San Francisco Symphony, is always well received, with La Forge sometimes providing the lower tuba voice. The small group consists of people from many different professions, including musicians, singers, dancers, guitarists, pianists and other musicians. Members of this choir come together to meet, prepare and share the joy of making music together. Centre and Sequoia Centre, which range from the Eureska Municipal Auditorium and Adorni to the Centre for the Performing Arts and the Community Centre.

The soul of the kitchen, known as the Eureka music school, bounces from instrument to instrument. In one corner, drumsets are ready, Fender Peavey amplifiers line the walls, and instruments themselves bounce around the room in various styles and musical styles.

After a brief stint in Humboldt County and college, he moved to Eureka to escape what he calls the "black hole of rent" in the Bay Area and expand his community. He joined the celebrated ensemble Legends of the Celtic Harp, a group of musicians from the Northern California region. They open the door to a mystical world, make music, tour the country and tell the story of their journey, which returns unchanged to this legendary land.

The work, presented by Eureka High School students Felicia D'Amico, Michael Dominguez and John D. Smith, consists of four movements with contrasting moods. In three movements, the violin, piano, cello, saxophone, guitar, viola, trumpet and sherry play.

Guest artists at the music festival include the Eureka High School Orchestra, the University of California, Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Symphony. The musical choices are diverse, familiar and not - well - and you can listen to them all and dance while listening and dancing to the music of the Bay Area's most talented musicians.

The concerts are open to the public and can be viewed on YouTube (see below) to learn more about the music festival and the Eureka High School Orchestra. Collect free - or voluntary - offers to support the school's music program and music education program.

The local musicians will present a variety of music, including choral hymns sung by the Christ Church Choir and organ works with large solos. Starting with a charming trio composed by Jacques Ibert in 1946 for flute, clarinet and piano, "Deux Interludes" was written for flutes, violin and harpsichord, and the version played on Sunday works just as well. In a somewhat older tradition, the original cello part is played by a group called the Eureka High School Orchestra, part of the school's music program. The concert will include a diverse program that includes a wide range of music styles, from classical to jazz, classical, jazz - rock, folk, pop, blues and more.

The band will deliver the music in the Eureka Municipal Auditorium, and a reception of meet-the-players will follow, for visitors who want to mingle with the performers.

Candidates must provide a valid e-mail address, as all applications received by the City of Eureka will be considered in the selection process. Applicants must submit a copy of the application and all other required documents listed in the vacancy notice.

The Redwood Coast offers a wide range of music festivals, from open-air concerts to family-friendly events and more. You can explore the Lost Coast Music Park, Eureka Music Center and East Bay Music Hall, to name a few. For more information about the festival and its activities, please visit our festival website at www.

The concerts, which are played by some of the best musicians of the Humboldt-Kreis, are always free, with a donation at the box office. Eureka offers a variety of cultural activities, including art, music, dance, crafts, food and drink and much more.

The Redwood team guarantees you the best price and experience when you call them at 707 - 725 - 5500 or go online to reserve your stay. The concerts will be held exclusively using local talent and donors are encouraged to contribute to the charitable cause to support the purchase of tickets for the concerts and other activities at the Eureka Convention Center.

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